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NStart Asking What is a Green Slip and Get Started Securing Yourself Now
09.17.12 (7:15 am)   [edit]

The answer for the question “what is a green slip” must be cascaded to all drivers. This is to ensure that all of them are aware that they can be safe even on the roads where they drive. Let us start this article by looking for the answer in “what is a green slip”.

Green slip, which is also known as GAP insurance, Compulsory Third Party, and CTP insurance, is a coverage provided to the drivers whether they are at-fault or not. This has to be bought together with the vehicle’s license registration – be it a new or a renewal of the registration. Various insurance providers proffer great deals. They sometimes give discounts to those folks who are going to take advantage of their products and services. It is a good chance especially if the budget allotted to it is limited. Some may offer a $ 100.00 less than the original price. Others give flexible terms of payment. With that, more and more people want to grab these kinds of opportunities because most of the time, these are only available in a limited period of time – maybe for a month or even weeks only.

Compensation is given to every driver who is in involved in a car accident whether they are under critical conditions or not. If worse comes to worst, the families will get a lump sum from the insurer. Compensation is also provided even when the drivers die from the incident. This is a great help for not all people are brave enough to prepare for their last days here on earth. The money can be used to pay the hospital bills, funeral bills, and costs for the car repair.

The benefit differs from company to company, so every consumer should ask all pertinent questions related to the packages they are aiming for. If possible, look for plans which cover almost everything such as property damages, injuries, theft, fire, and collision. If not, get at least two to three plans that they really need. Have a check list to make the “search for the best car insurance proposal” easier. If the premium is way too high and the benefits are not that good, cross it out right away. Look for another service provider which has better prices and benefits.

Be Inspired By A Well-Written Resume
03.27.12 (2:30 am)   [edit]

You may be wondering about the secret to another person’s success. Well, you only need to check out his resume to understand. With a well-written resume, a person is sure to land the job that he wants since he is able to make employers see him in the best perspective possible. With this in mind, you too can learn a thing or two in writing a resume by taking a peek at a successful person’s profile. This can serve to inspire and motivate you to follow suit and bank on the opportunities that come your way.

This is also an essential tool for you to assess the other things that you need to make your profile to be as impressive as his. Simply put, in attempting to write a resume of your own, you may end up discovering that you might still need to go through trainings, join conferences and such, to enrich you.

Cooking games for all ages
03.26.12 (9:16 am)   [edit]
Kitchen games are extremely popular nowadays; most people who play these kinds of games are girls. The common reason for girls who plays cooking games online is to learn how to cook and learn some new recipes.

The most common type of games is classic games which would supposedly impossible to do on real time cooking but is actually applicable once you try it. But because of the ever growing popularity of cooking games on the internet, browsing through sites to find quality games takes a little bit of effort. Having to let your children play cooking games is just as important as live recreation. These types of games help improve and develop your children’s imagination and creative skills because of the set of instructions imposed on the games. 

Playing cooking games online can help your learn how to cook without destroying your kitchen. Which makes learning a breeze and carefree knowing you do not have to clean up the supposedly mess and free from trial and errors.

Cooking games are not just for kids adults too can learn cooking on the internet. Most of the resources of cooking games are actually from real recipes from home cooking to five (5) star restaurants and once you try doing it yourself on your home kitchen you will see that cooking games are nearly true to life with an easy way of learning.
Results will turn out eventually. Playing cooking games online can do a lot of things to you and your children, learning with a great amount of excitement without the mess and unsatisfactory spending on supplies and without the risk of errors done in a dish. When playing these games you will not only have fun but you will unconsciously learn how to do things you are doing online and with the help of perseverance learning will be a breeze.

Make a Good Shortlist of Executive Jobs That You Prefer
03.23.12 (1:57 am)   [edit]
You might be wondering about the right executive jobs that you should apply for. Well, the secret to your search for the ideal job requires organization. This means that you need to keep your thoughts and ideals organized with the things that you really need and expect. Hence, it would be to your benefit if you create a shortlist of these executive positions that you find online.
With a dash of patience, it would do you well to save the URL addresses of the website that offers the jobs. You can then compare the compensation packages, benefits and the locations where you would prefer to work. This would be a good baseline for you to easily weigh your options and have no regrets with your final choice. At the same time, this would also be a great opportunity for you to observe the general expectations of employers from professionals like you.

Getting the Drive to Achieve More in the United States
03.05.12 (1:38 pm)   [edit]
As you prepare to settle down and ask your significant other, your biggest concern would be about financial stability. With this comes the need to provide the best kind of life that your partner deserves as well as for your future offspring. Hence, getting a hold of USA residency is never a bad goal to work for. In doing so, you may want to apply for an expat job. Considering your educational and professional background, you are confident that you will be able to pass the assessments and exams.

The moment you arrive in the United States to work, you then begin to look at the different possibilities to get your family to move with you. It is only natural that the first few months or years are solely dedicated to establishing your work tenure and a life in the country. However, with the goal of settling down with actual stability about your future, you can look for a variety of alternatives to get the USA residency you want badly. You will find out that one of the most common means to get permission to work and live permanently in the United States is by getting a job like your own. Another option is for a close relative to file for a petition to get your partner to move to the U.S.

She may also consider studying in the same country and find a career for herself just like you. The important thing to consider is that both of you would have the chance to work and establish your careers. This way, you can be deemed as able and financially ready to go with the lifestyle demanded in the U.S. USA residency is a common goal of many professionals, like you, who are driven to find a stable way of living with his loved ones. By applying for one, while you are working in the United States, you can at least be certain that your eligibility to be given permission to live in the US permanently is being processed.

This makes the wait more worthwhile because you still have a job to take care of and focus on while you are saving up for your dream wedding and a well-provided future with your significant other. With such, you will realize the fruits of your hard work as soon as you get to have the chance to find out the status of your application. In no time at all, you will be able to see yourself, confidently asking the question that can spell a lifetime of difference for your life and hers. By then you will realize that there is so much more in store for you and your future family as soon as you start a new life together in the United States. Here, you can both practice your careers and take a different turn with your offspring who, in turn, will automatically be entitled to USA residency without the need to apply for it.

If you are looking for the best way to gain USA residency, then you are on the right site. The internet offers a pool of resources that will let you apply for expatriate jobs to gain access to the land of your dreams.

What You Are Looking For in a Health Insurance
04.05.11 (9:10 pm)   [edit]

It would be a nice feeling having the comfort and the security whenever accidents should happen or when sickness strikes. The privilege of having your medical expenses cut-off can somehow be a thing that will ease your burden whenever you got injuries or you become indisposed. You have to consider and keep in mind all the factors that can affect your final decision when you are choosing a health insurance whether from an independent company or from your job.

One of the best ways in choosing the right health insurance for you is to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of certain options of policies whether it is for you as an individual or for your family. One point to consider is to know your own choices because there are a lot of insurance policies for health that can really offer you different things. What you have to point out is the one that can give more satisfaction to your needs in the future. You don’t have to necessarily choose the one with lots of benefits. What you have to choose is the one that can have the benefits that you really need in the future.

There are actually different kinds of affordable health insurance and this includes traditional indemnity, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Point of Service Plan (POS), and Health Savings Account (HSA). With each option presented, you must be sure that they are affordable and has the benefits that you are really looking for.

Philippine Prudential life on Chosing a Reliable Life insurance Company
03.22.11 (4:00 pm)   [edit]
Insurance companies offer life insurance in different packages. Depending on the package, you can be insured for life or for just a specific period of time. Whether you are seeking a temporary or permanent life insurance, the most important thing is to find a reliable and respected insurance company to ensure that you are not paying your premiums for nothing.

Most insurance companies offer these services for individual life insurance: life benefits, accidental death/death benefit, maturity benefits, hospitalization benefits, life insurance protection/benefits, etc.

The aforementioned benefits are subject to the policy’s fine prints or conditions including years of payment, age of policyholder, health condition, etc. One of the conditions that deter individuals from applying for insurance is age and health requirements as most insurance companies have age limits and discriminate against certain health conditions.

Consider the insurance company’s stability, financial strengths, return of equity and investments, and reserves.

Philippine Prudential Life offer some of the most comprehensive insurance policies in the country. Aside from individual life insurance, Philippine Prudential also provides group insurance and healthcare plans for working employees.

Permanent life insurance ‘til your 100 years old

PPLICs Wealth Builder Plan is a whole life insurance plan that provides coverage and guaranteed death benefits until you reach your 100th birthday. Philippine Prudential Life Wealth Builder Plan policyholders are also entitled to endowments on the tenth and twentieth year of payment as well as yearly cash dividends (amount depending on the company’s performance). As a plan holder, you will also get hospital income benefits when you are confined in the hospital due to an accident or sickness. Philippine Prudential Life also doubles your insurance amount (payable to beneficiaries) in case of accidental death. Philippine Prudential Life will also waive the policyholder’s premium dues if the policyholder becomes permanently disabled before reaching the age of 60.

Bundled life insurance and college education in one plan

The Smart College Protector works like a savings account and a life insurance in one. This Philippine Prudential Life policy is designed to provide yearly allowance when your child reaches 17 years old. Depending on your policy premiums, your child can receive up to P100, 000 each year, which can cover his tuition fee and miscellaneous expenses. The Smart College Protector is payable for 5 or 7 years.

Your child is also protected with life insurance from the policy’s effectivity until the age of 21. In case of death, the insurance amount is doubled as accidental death benefit.

Ensured college plan

With this Philippine Prudential Life policy, in case of the payor's death, the child receives a yearly allowance of up to P50, 000, depending on the applied plan, which can pay for his or her elementary or secondary education until the age of 16. The remaining premiums will also be paid for by Philippine Prudential until the policy is fully paid.

The enrolled child must be 0 to 10 years of age to become eligible to the Smart College Protector Plan. Any immediate family member can be the payor including parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or the child’s siblings. The payor must be 18 to 65 years of age.

Guaranteed life insurance at the age of 40

Philippine Prudential knows how important life is, which is why they are opening their doors to individuals of age 40 to 75 and without existing insurance to come and ensure their life protection with the Prime Life 40 Plus Plan.

How about the health requirements?

PPLIC makes life insurance possible for everyone by wavering the medical exam and health conditions as one of the requirements to getting coverage. This is offered without extra premiums or minimizing the policyholder’s coverage. Premiums are payable for 12 years and the life insurance protection is effective until the policyholder reaches the age of 100.

Fine print

Philippine Prudential’s Prime Life 40 Plus Plan’s life insurance benefits is effective on the policy’s second year. However, in case of accidental death during this time, the beneficiaries will receive the full amount of insurance. In case of natural death in the first two years, PPLIC will return the full amount of premiums paid by the policyholder with 10% interest.

Philippine Prudential Life Insurance is a Filipino-owned company founded in 1963 with a long history of providing reputable service to their members. They provide services more than 1.5 million policyholders, including their families. Despite the collapse and losses of older and more well-known insurance companies, Philippine Prudential continues to give services and live through the challenges of today’s harsh economy. visit their website:


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